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Focus on building new features,
while we fix your iOS tech debt


We’re a team of expert iOS engineers specialized in fixing tech debt.



Legacy code refactoring

App development becoming slow and painful? We’ll refactor and clean up your existing codebase, add tests and unify its architecture and APIs, while you continue building new features.


Objective-C to Swift refactoring

We love Objective-C, but we also know the future of iOS is Swift. We'll refactor your Objective-C codebase, add tests, update the APIs and translate it to Swift.



Do you have a git repo full of brilliant new-feature prototypes and hacks? We’ll finish your ideas, make the code bulletproof and ready to publish on the AppStore.




Vojta Stavik
- iOS developer since 2012
- testing evangelist and advocate
Jo Matus
- iOS developer since 2013
- reactive programming specialist
Jindra Dolezy
- iOS developer since 2012
- low-level programming expert
Jan Timar
- iOS developer since 2015
- clean code enthusiast